3 Advantages Of Construction Dumpster Rentals Over Purchasing Your Own

Posted on: 11 July 2019

As the owner of a construction company, waste is just one of those things that you will always have to deal with on the job site. Therefore, having dumpsters on-site and ready to be filled is just a normal thing. Some professionals in this business choose to invest in their own dumpsters so they do not have to rent them with every job. However, it is usually a better idea to actually rent them instead. here is a look at why that is the case. 

You will not be tasked with moving dumpsters. 

Moving dumpsters can take a lot of work. If you do own your own construction dumpsters, these massive waste receptacles will have to be hauled in and set up before a job starts and then repeatedly maneuvered by your staff and equipment throughout the project. All of this can take a lot of effort, to say the least, and use up a lot of your manpower on the job site. On the other hand, if you rent dumpsters, all of the maneuverings will be done by the construction dumpster rental company. 

You will not have to store the dumpsters when they are not in use. 

One big challenge that comes along with owning construction dumpsters is you will have to have a place to store the dumpsters when they are not in use. These units are so large, they will take up a lot of space in the area where you store your equipment. If you don't have a very large place, having dumpsters on-site can be problematic. Of course, you will never have to be concerned about storing a rented dumpster because it goes back to the company when the job is through. 

You likely won't have to deal with finding and securing zoning permits. 

One advantage of working with some dumpster rental companies is that they will handle the whole process of securing zoning permits for you in a lot of cases. Because the dumpster rental company deals with these permits and the process to obtain them on a regular basis, they can get the necessary permits quickly so you can get the dumpster set up and ready as fast as possible at the job site. You will likely still be responsible for the associated permit fees, but not having to deal with the process can save you a lot of time and hassle. 

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