How To Handle An Apartment That Has Been Abandoned With Belongings Inside

Posted on: 23 May 2016

If you are an apartment complex landlord, and you have a tenant who has not returned to their home for several months, you will need to take steps in preparing the unit for rental to another person. Dealing with the belongings left behind is a task you will need to handle appropriately. Here are some tips to follow when you are left with a vacated apartment full of your former tenant's belongings.

Track Down Family First To Have Items Removed

If you have spoken to your tenant in the past, they may have mentioned whether they had family in the area. It is important to try to find any family members first in an attempt to save money in the removal of the belongings from the apartment. The family will most likely want their loved one's belongings, making it a great solution in having them removed at no cost.

If your tenant had no family around, try contacting their place of employment to see if someone has information that can be used in finding them so they can remove the belongings from the unit. It may be wise to alert family or friends of the tenant in case they are in trouble as well. If no one was informed of their disappearance, they will most likely look into the reasoning, possibly saving the tenant from harm as a result.

Contact An Attorney To Find Out How To Proceed

Each state has different rules in place regarding how personal property is to be treated after an apartment is abandoned. Obvious trash can be removed by the landlord and hauled away by a waste hauling service if desired. Items of value however, will need to be handled differently. It is best to call an attorney to find out your rights as a landlord before physically removing furniture or other personal items. They will know the rules of your state and will advice you how to move forward in the proper manner in having the items returned to the owner or thrown away if allowed.

Hire A Dumpster Or Waste Hauling Service To Remove Trash

Any refuse left in the apartment will need to be removed so it is not an insect or rodent attraction. Contact a waste removal service, like USA Hauling Service, to set up a scheduled time for this garbage to be taken away. If your lawyer determines you can get rid of furniture or other items in the apartment on your own, hire a junk removal service to come to the rescue. They will have workers available to come into the apartment to physically move heavier or bulkier items out of the unit with ease. This will save you from needing to handle this on your own.