A Few Options for What to Do With Everything During a House Cleanout

Posted on: 31 December 2015

At some point in time you are probably going to have to deal with cleaning everything out of a house. If this is because you are moving from one home to another, a good portion of the stuff will be going with you. However, if you are cleaning out the home of someone else due to death, chances are you do not want most of the stuff. You may also decide to make a bit of extra money doing a house cleanout for a friend or a real estate company. Here are a few options for what to do with unwanted items in a house cleanout.

Give to Friends and Relatives

Whether you are moving and do not need everything, or are cleaning out your parents' home when they will be going to some type of retirement home, or they have passed away, it is a good idea to allow relatives and very close friends to choose a few items for themselves. If there is a will involved, some items will already be planned for people. You may want to have each person write down a few of the items they would like and then distribute the requests in a fair manner.

Sell Things

If there are items of some value, you can sell them. Have a few yard sales if time allows. You can also sell things online, through an auction site or online classifieds. If you have no idea what the items might be worth, take them to an appraiser. The appraiser can also come to the house and look things over if it is more than just a few items. When you do not have the time to go about selling everything yourself, take things to a consignment store.

Donate to Charities

Clothing, furniture, toys, books, and household supplies can be donated to different charities. If you do not like the idea of someone making money off your things, find small local charities. Women's shelters, shelters for the homeless, and many church groups are always in need of donations.

Into the Garbage Bin

Some things just need to go into the garbage. If the item is broken, or in very bad shape, just toss it. If it can be recycled, be sure to separate it into the recycling bin. You may need to hire a garbage removal company during a house cleanout to come take it all if it won't fit in the bins.

Cleaning out a whole home can take time. When sentiments are involved it can take longer. Sit down and make a plan about what you will keep and what goes someplace different, and stick to it. For example, anything that has not been used or worn in the past year goes. You probably won't even notice it is gone anyway.