Three Safety Tips To Remember When Using A Dump Trailer

Posted on: 22 December 2015

Renting a dump trailer can greatly improve the ease and speed of any number of jobs. If you're doing a pre-renovation demolition at home, for example, loading a dump trailer with garbage allows you to empty it quicker than unloading the trailer contents by hand. For those unacquainted with using a trailer, towing it behind a truck can require a period of adjustment and some careful attention to detail. However, safety with a dump trailer extends beyond simply moving it around. Here are three tips to employ to keep safe while you're using your trailer.

Overhead Obstacles

When you're preparing to dump the trailer, it's easy to make the mistake of putting all your focus on the area in which the trailer contents will be landing. While checking the ground before you dump is important, you should never overlook the importance of also shifting your gaze upward to ensure there are no overhead obstacles that will be in the way when the front end of the dump trailer elevates. While you aren't likely to hit any power lines with a standard dump trailer, there's always a risk of making contact with low-hanging tree branches and damaging the tree or the trailer or even injuring yourself. Before you dump, ensure there's ample space around the trailer.

Levelness Of The Ground

Whether you've filled your rented dump trailer with waste from a project at home or you're carrying a load of soil or stones for a landscaping project, you should always be focused on the levelness of the ground before you begin to dump. Dump trailers are designed to be operated on flat ground; while you can certainly pull the trailer over sloped or uneven ground, trying to dump the contents when the ground isn't horizontal can lead to disaster. If the ground is sloped, the weight of your load can shift to the downhill side and, in some cases, risk pulling the trailer over once you begin to dump. Always double check that the ground is horizontal before beginning the dump.

Maximum Weight Allowance

At the time that you rent the dump trailer, it's important to familiarize yourself with its maximum weight allowance. Exceeding this weight can damage the trailer and cause problems when you're trying to dump the contents. If you're filling the trailer with something such as dirt from a garden center, always ask how much your load weighs. Estimating the weight of garbage from a demolition project can be difficult—in this case, explain your plan to the rep at the rental center to determine if what you plan to dispose of is suitable for a single trailer load.

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