Four Steps for Dealing With Your Post-Holiday Garbage

Posted on: 15 December 2015

One of the biggest projects to tackle at the conclusion of the holidays is taking down your decorations, packing up used wrapping paper and boxes and dragging everything to the curb for removal. While you might not exactly covet this job, it's a necessary step toward restoring order in your home -- and you have to admit that it's pretty convenient to have a garbage truck take your refuse away. Before you begin the process of assembling your post-holiday garbage, here are four important tips to keep in mind.

Confirm the Date for Tree Removal

Real trees are notorious for shedding their needles after they've been in your home for a few weeks, but you shouldn't necessarily drag your tree to the curb as soon as the holidays are over. Check your city's waste-collection website to determine the week at which trees will be collected. It might be the week directly after the holidays, or it might be two weeks later. Your neighbors don't want to see your tree sitting on the curb for a week or so, so leave the tree in your backyard out of sight until it's time for it to be picked up.

Recycle What You Can

While it might be tempting to throw wrapping paper, boxes and other gift-related items into a garbage bag, the reality is that much of this material is recyclable. Given the environmental benefits of recycling, do your part by carefully sorting through your holiday waste and placing it in the proper receptacles. Boxes, for example, can be recycled in many cities, making it unnecessary to clutter your garbage bin with these large items.

Break Down Boxes

Regardless of whether you're including boxes with your recycling or your garbage, it's important to properly break them down. Many companies won't pick up fully intact boxes; they're difficult for the garbage collectors to handle and they fill up the truck quickly. Additionally, it's safer to always break down your boxes, as doing so will mean that adventurous children or animals seeking shelter won't hide in them while they're at your curb.

Give Away Things That Still Have Value

Holiday gifts will often replace things that you already have, which means that you might soon be discarding everything from clothing to toys to household accessories. In an effort to reduce the amount of waste your household generates, think about simple ways to give away any of your items that holds a value. Gathering everything and transporting it to a local charity, for example, leaves you with a better feeling than simply disposing of it, and this action is also better for the environment.

If you don't already have regular garbage collection, consider contacting a local service, such as Fly By Nite Disposal, to help you dispose of your holiday waste.